“When I came into this position I thought one of the first things I needed to do was to replace The Slade Group. Every year for the past seven years I continue to believe they are an indispensable member of our global marketing team. They consistently deliver plans that work and creative superiority that clearly differentiates us from our competitors.”
Worldwide marketing manager, top energy-services company.

“Joe and his creative team have come in and quickly ramped up our marketing program. Our sales are growing from our web site page views and we continue to benefit from the measurable results they produce.”
President of a major pipe distribution and pipe fabrication supplier to the water and waste-water industry.

“Joe is one of those rare business leaders who hears better than he talks, but he talks great. He is a brilliant listener and so the value of his words is exponentially brilliant. It’s hard to find people anymore with the ability to absorb a business case to a point that their response can be actioned immediately and value driven as a result.”
CEO, Texas-based, industry-leading RPO.