Value Add

Core B2B Marketing Services

Strategic Planning
With a current and unique market perspective, we take you through the process of building your path to marketing and financial success.

Customer-centric Relationships
We show and guide you and your team how to create and sustain lifetime customer value.

Lead Generation
Where are they? What do they need? We customize a seamless process and path to the best prospects.

Marketing/Sales Alignment
We’re writing a book on it and will share with you how to optimize your human capital.

B2B Content Marketing
Superb marketing strategies are the framework for award-winning, high-impact content delivered. Social for business is our sweet spot.

The Virtuous Circle
A clear buyer persona launches each aspect of marketing success and adaptation to the customer’s changing needs and wants.

Main Services/Offerings

A. Market Analysis
This is your ever-changing, always adapting launch platform. We engage with key market forces and bring you tangible and actionable reports on how individual buyers, technology and competitive events directly impact your sales opportunities.

We also mentor you on how you can network your competitive advantages and create a position for your brand as a category leader, moving you away from mass reach and towards customized user experiences that make a B2B digital marketer’s dream come true.

B. Fractional CMO Services
Yes, you can focus on core responsibilities and stay focused on sustaining the culture you know that works well for your teams and stakeholders while you move the marketing strategy ahead and commit limited assets to talent acquisition and professional growth.

Engaging a fractional CMO assures consistent strategic counsel at the executive level. Your FCMO also manages marketing projects and capably sources and engages with other marketing specialists to bring the skillsets that you need to the priorities and projects at hand.

C. C2E Services
Target market profiling, buyer persona articulation, budgeting, human capital and financial asset maximization are woven into every project sequence. Our high-achieving (but still learning) leadership and extensive team resources get you on top of the curve and deliver results at or above expectations.

Your current team benefits and continues to work their critical paths. We manage and integrate creative talent, fast and effective ideation and content creation across platforms and messaging channels to meet milestones and signoffs.

D. C2C Services
We bring award-winning talent to you so that we can collaboratively concentrate on the creation of powerful messages and a compelling presence where you need to be seen.

C-level and sales leadership relish the way these aligned messages put the prospect in the desired position of preferring your brand and offerings. Conversion follows.

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